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Gill Instruments is committed to connecting everything through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology based on a simple philosophy: Sense > Connect > Manage.

Our Story

Gill Instruments was founded in Bangalore in 2002 by Mr. Gurjit Singh Gill. Gill Instruments began as a Texas Instruments third-party products and services provider.

Today, the company offers 360-degree solutions in hardware/software/cloud in the realm of industrial IoT (internet of things), built around our proprietary Gill Sense Platform. The platform allows customers to connect their factory energy management system/water management system/diesel generator to the cloud, monitored and controlled through the Gill Mobile App.


Our Products

Wireless Energy Monitoring Solution

Our Wireless Energy Monitoring Solution provides critical information of your energy consumption on Mobile App. It gives you real-time alerts & notifications, which saves a significant number of feet on ground while being immune to human errors and inaccuracies.

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Wireless DG Monitoring Solution

Our real-time DG monitoring & management system is designed to work continuously with any DG in remote sites to monitor and provide information on several KPIs. It recognizes anomalies and alerts the user with actionable insights into potential causes and recommendations on corrective action.

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Smart Water Meter

Our smart water meter combines a water meter, advanced sensors, software, IoT gateway enabling you to get real-time measurement of water consumption and leakage on Gill Sense mobile App. Users can add up to nine water meters in the daisy chain.

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MODBUS Temperature Sensor

Gill Sense Tube Temperature Transmitters are specifically designed to handle rigorous requirements of operation in the industrial process environments. Thanks to their reduced dimensions and SS housing they can be installed in tough industrial outdoor environments.

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Our Services

IoT Training

Embedded Systems Training

Embedded System Design

Factory and Building Automation

University Lab Setup


Field research

Before implementing any IoT solution, we conduct a detailed survey of the customer’s site and collect all the information we need to implement the Gill Sense Platform.

Custom IoT Solutions

At Gill Instruments, we understand there can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to IoT. We have extensive experience in providing high-rise buildings and industries with custom IoT solutions that suit their needs.

University programs

Since 2002, we have been working with students at universities all over India to help them learn about IoT and gain the skills they need to build careers in this industry. Under this scheme, we provide guidance material, project-based learning programs, and faculty development programs.


SENSE - MEMS based Level Sensor

We have been working on sensor technology for more than two decades now. We have developed sensors that can sense energy, flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, and even machine health conditions.

CONNECT - IoT Enabled Gateway

Gill Sense Gateway connects your sensors and systems located on buildings or factories to the cloud. It is capable of making decisions locally, acting swiftly for critical applications.

MANAGE - Gill Sense App

The Gill Sense App allows you to monitor and control your devices from anywhere, ensuring universal integration and interoperability. Our minimalist UI layered security also ensures that the network is secure.

Want to do business with us?

Interested in learning more about any product (or service) we offer? Gill Instruments is eager to do business with like-minded entities. If you think we can help you with a project, please feel free to contact us.

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