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PAQs is on a mission to provides its customers with bespoke environmental pollution control technologies that preserve and protect life.

Our Story

Personal Air Quality Systems Private Limited (PAQS) was founded by A. Vaidyanathan, a technocrat. It is a certified ESDM company providing a range of environment-friendly solutions. These solutions can capture real-time data on inhaled air to provide personalized analytic information through a smartphone app, enabling healthy living.


Our Products

Smart inhaler for Asthma care

PAQS Smart Inhaler is more than an inhaler. It is a game-changer for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma.

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Indoor air quality detector

Our indoor air quality system will give you accurate readings on indoor pollution so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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Air/environmental solutions

Our air quality measurement system is designed to give accurate measurements of environmental pollution on a real-time basis.

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Hyper local data and analytics - My Air App

Our MyAir App is a hyper-local air quality and analytics tool that delivers air quality data to your smart device.

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Our Services

Custom solution design

Community solutions

Smart solutions


Innovative product design

PAQS holds many patents for innovative product designs. We can design custom technology-based solutions for customers, for example our ‘devices-data -IoT-analytics’ platform for air/water/effluents (ETP & STP).

POC to market ready product

We can design and develop pollution detection/abatement solutions, right from proof-of-concept to market-ready products.


Smart inhaler

PAQS has developed a patented Smart Inhaler which connects to our patented MyAir app. This system protects your health by reminding you of the dosage of medicine you need to take, gives under-dosage alerts, and predicts hostile environments (pollution) to help you take proactive action.

Wearable device for personal environment

MyApp consists of a wearable device, a smart app, and a cloud-based backend system. This setup collects information on humidity, temperature, dust, weather, CO2 levels, and allergens and delivers this info to your smart device, assisting you in setting up a preferred air environment.

Analytics (Context aware calibrated solutions)

We have developed a patented analytics platform (context-aware calibrated solution, called PAQS engine) that provides dynamic pollution monitoring in real-time.

Want to do business with us?

Interested in learning more about any product (or service) we offer? PAQS is eager to do business with like-minded entities. If you think we can help you with a project, please feel free to contact us.

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