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Radel Advanced Technology Private Limited aims to provide value-added support to global aerospace and defense organizations through turnkey design and manufacturing services of high quality at a competitive cost.

Our Story

Radel ATPL was founded in 1979 by Mr. G. Raj Narayan. Over the last 40 years, he and his team have executed projects on various aircraft and helicopters such as the Cheetah, Chetak, Kiran, ALH Dhruv, HPT-32, and LCA.

The company has interacted extensively with certification agencies such as CEMILAC, DGAQA, and DGCA. We work with standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461/462, DO-160, DO-254, etc.


Our Products

Aircraft electrical wire harness

Radel designs world-class aerospace audio management equipment, warning & display systems, control & monitoring equipment, interface units, RF sub-systems, and more.

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Critical aerospace equipment

We design and manufacture defense-grade aircraft electrical wire harnesses according to air vehicle specifications, insulation resistance, continuity, capacitance testing, and other features.

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PCB Design

We design and fabricate mixed signal printed circuit boards (upto 16 layers). We also offer assembled PCBs on turnkey basis.

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Aircraft test equipment

Radel can design and supply PC-based ATEs and stand-alone dedicated test jigs for testing line-replaceable-units and electronic modules.

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Our Services

System design - Installation, integration, wiring, testing and documentation

CAD/CAM services for mechanical and secondary structural design

CAD/CAM services for electrical and wiring harness design

Design and development of airborne and ground support equipment

Obsolescence mitigation of legacy equipment


Design of aerospace and aerospace applications

System design – installation, integration, wiring, testing and documentation, CAD/CAM, design and development of support equipment, testing equipment, aircraft electrical wire harness, and documentation support.

Line replacement unit development

Supply of audio management equipment, warning & display systems, control & monitoring equipment, interface units, RF sub-systems, etc.

PCB Design

Strong expertise in the design of mixed-signal PCBs of up to 16 layers. It also offers the supply of assembled PCBs on a turnkey basis from design to assembly.

Ground Test Equipment

Design and supply of PC-based ATEs and stand-alone dedicated test jigs for testing electronic modules and line-replaceable-units.

Obsolescence Management

Radel provides cost-effective solutions for obsolescence mitigation encountered in legacy equipment used on aging aircraft or military platforms.


Auto Selector-4-way of CBLS Pod (IAF)

A fully solid-state version of relay-based OEM unit, to control the release of four bombs by firing ejector release unit.

High Voltage Power Supply (for Indian Navy)

Provides high voltage power supply to on-board electric systems while also enabling lower cable and converter weights.

Voice Warning System (for IAF)

Voice warning systems are used on TAWS (Terrain Avoidance and Warning Systems) and TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems) to verbally warn pilots in case of danger.

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