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Teknic Electromeconics is on a mission to become a leader in electronic control products manufacturing, delivering world-class technology that not only fulfills customers’ needs but also outperforms the competition.

Our Story

Teknic Electromeconics was started in the year 1987. In 1990, the company began manufacturing electromechanical and electronic control devices such as circuit breakers, rocker switches, rotary switches, terminal switches, micro switches, and more.

The company’s products are certified for quality and performance and have even received accolades from industry bodies such as ELCINA Delhi and the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers.


Our Products

Rocker Switches

We manufacture a range of illuminated and non-illuminated rocker switches that can be snap-mounted on most panel outlets.

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Micro Switches

We manufacture a range of snap action, single pole (sub-miniature) micro switches used in telephone, kitchen machines, timer, and other electrical appliances.

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Circuit Switches

We manufacture three types of circuit breakers – TR11, TR20, TR30. These push to reset, single pole, thermally operated circuit breakers can be used to protect appliances such as UPS, solenoids, power strips, and more.

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Terminal Strips

We manufacture four types of terminal strips – TSS 21 A, TSSL 22-2, TSSL 22-2-A, TSSL 22-2-I. These terminal strips can be used as cable connectors in appliances for safety.

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Our Services

Design & development of products, tools for plastic molding

Tool/jigs & fixture manufacturing in tool room

Plastic injection molding & compression molding of thermoset plastics

Assembly & testing of products

Supplying the products to our OEM customers, distributors & dealers


Rocker switches

Our rocker switches can be used in home appliances, office automation equipment, and other electronic, electrical, and instrumentation equipment.

Micro switches

Our micro switches can be used in telephone, computer, timer, kitchen machines, and other electronic and electrical equipment. 

Circuit breakers

Our circuit breakers can be used in single-phase motors, transformers, UPS, power strips, solenoids, protecting them from overcurrent conditions.

Terminal strips

Our three-way, twelve-way terminal strips can be used as cable connectors in any appliance of phase neutral, phase, and neutral and earth, respectively.

Push push switches

Our push push switches can be used in home appliances, office automation products, water purifying equipment, stabilizers, UPS, power supply units, and other electrical equipment.

Indicator lamps

Our indicator lamps can be used in home appliances, instruments, testing apparatus, and more. 

Fuse holders

Our fuse holders can be used in home appliances such as washing machines, UPS, and almost all appliances where short circuit protection is needed.

Tact switches

Our tact switches can be used as control switches in electrical, electronic equipment, and appliances.

Rotary switches

Our rotary switches work as auxiliary start/stop switches for capillary thermostats used for temperature control in household appliances.

Cord switches

Cord switches or pull cord switches are mounted on conveyor belts and act as emergency switches to stop the conveyor belts when there is an accident.

DLS-96 switches

Our door interlock switches are used in door latches. These switches are used in applications that require the door to be locked when the supply is switched on and can be opened only when the supply is cut off, ensuring the safety of operating personal.

Foot switches

Our foot switches are ideal for any light to medium-duty application. They work as a foot-operated on/off switch for a wide range of motor-driven and electrical devices.


Our powerstrips can protect TVs, video players, stereos, microwave ovens, and other electrical and electronic devices from power surges.



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