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Technic Euchner is on a mission to become the market leader in India and a tough competitor in international markets in electrical and electronics control product manufacturing.

Our Story

Teknic Euchner is a joint venture between Teknic India and Euchner Germany. Euchner is a pioneer in the development of multiple position switches, whereas Teknic is a market leader in the manufacturing high-grade electromechanical products.


Our Products

Inductive proximity switches

Our inductive proximity switches have non-contact proximity sensors and are used to position and detect metal objects. The need for such switching devices has increased as manufacturing plants, as well as machines in general, are being automated.

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Precision single/multiple limit switches

Our single and multiple limit switches are built according to European standards, with Euchner expertise. These can be used to control and position machines and industrial equipment.

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Photoelectric switches

Our photoelectric sensors/switches are used in automation, with the photoelectric sensors providing fast and non-contact detection in multiple applications.They are available in direct reflection, with reflector with polarized light and emitter – receiver versions.

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NK Limit Switches

Our NK limit switches have positive opening NC contacts and are suitable for use in safety-related applications. You have a choice of different actuators mountable on the same basic housing.

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Single Limit Switches

The Teknic Euchner Limit Switch is a versatile unit, according to the European Standard EN 500041 with Euchner known how and is further developed to produce a perfect universal construction. Robust construction and exclusive use of high quality corrosion resistant materials, precision finishing and the high Protection class IP67 to IEC 60529, DIN 40050 are guarantees for a trouble free and reliable operation under the most arduous conditions.

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Our Services

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Inductive proximity switches

Our inductive proximity switches can be used to control and positioning metal objects. They can be connected directly into conventional or electronic control systems.

Single limit switches

Our single limit switch is a versatile unit, built according to European Standard EN 500041 with Euchner know-how and further improved to produce a universal construction.

Precision single & multiple limit switches

Teknic Euchner precision single and multiple switches are used to control and position machines and industrial equipment. These have been developed and perfected in close cooperation with the machine tool industry over the last 40 years, by Euchner Germany.

Photo electric sensors

Our photoelectric sensors use infrared light or visible red light, which is detected by a receiver, to determine the distance of an object. These can be used in automation, to provide non-contact and fast detection of objects.

NK limit switches

The dimensions of our NK limit switches conform to EN 50047, while the electrical specifications conform to IEC 60947-5-1. You can easily and quickly change the four approach dimensions. These can be used for safety-related applications.


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