Electromagnetic Relays (Paramount Industries)

Paramount Industries manufactures three types of electromagnetic relays – plug-in relays, solid state relays, and reed relays. The models are P1 1CO, P2 2CO, P3 2CO, P3 3CO, P12 2CO, P14 4CO, Plug in type, Surface mount type, PCB Pin type, and PRR.

Product Specifications

Industrial plug in relays

Twin/bifurcated contact relays

DC switching relays

Latching relays

Plug in type solid state relays

Reed relays (PCB solderable type)

Surface mount solid state relays

Special version relays

Magnetically latched relays

High rating/long life relays

Magnetically latched DC switching relays

Magnetically latched relays

PCB pin type solid state relay with 5mm width (slim relay)

Industry Application

Motor control

Automotive applications (electrical fuel pump)

Industrial applications to control high voltages and currents

Controlling large power loads



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Basic electrical system


Master switch


Bus bar


Monitoring Volts and Amps



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