High Performance, Grid and Cloud Computing - ParamShavak (CDAC)

CDAC offers many high performance, grid and cloud computing products. Param Shavak is brings super-computing power in a box. It is affordable, yet able to deliver high-end computing typically seen in large HPC clusters. All required software are pre-loaded into the system. Suitable for the needs of academic, engineering, and scientific organisations that are looking to adopt high performance computing culture and skills.

Product Specifications

High performance computing in desktop model

Powered by indigenously developed software

Able to operate under normal environmental conditions

Parallel computing environment similar to large HPC clusters

Access to C-DAC National PARAM Supercomputing Facility

Low sound and low energy dissipation for desktop use

Reasonable licensing policies for academic use

Peak computing power of 2-5 Tetra Flops

8 TB Storage and 64 GB RAM

Industry Application

Academic research

Engineering computing

Scientific research


Param Shavak


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