Inductive Proximity Switches (Technic Euchner Electronics Pvt. Ltd.)

Our inductive proximity switches require no physical contact to actuate them. Used for control and positioning signals, they can be connected directly into conventional or electronic control systems.

Product Specifications

Exceptionally long life

High switching speeds (up to 5 million per hour)

No touch, zero, operation force (no actuator or plunger required)

Wear and maintenance free operation (solid state, no moving parts)

Bounce free signals (no spurious signals through contact bounce)

Reliable switching under extreme conditions

Fully waterproof (insensitive to strong vibrations, dirty environments, rapid temperature changes)

Industry Application

Position detection of mechanical moving part

Gear tooth detection (motion monitoring)

Valve position control

Counting of parts

Detection of foil seals (plastic cups)

Detection of can position on a beverage line



(Case study)

Basic electrical system


Master switch


Bus bar


Monitoring Volts and Amps



(Case study)

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