Laminar & Mass flow Meters (Syscon Instruments)

Laminar and massflow meters work on the principle of differential flow. Syscon Instruments has developed multi-variate laminar and massflow instruments (can measure both pressure and temperature) capable of analyzing mass flow and volumetric data.

Product Specifications

Displays measurement with high accuracy, quickly

Device is capable of realizing a wide range flow rate (2 NmL/min ~ 500 NL/min)

Can perform even under high pressure (70kPaG-300kPaG)

Excellent linearity and fast response

High repeatability and low hylerisis

Rugged, with low failure rate

Displays true mass flow rates

Select desired unit and machine will perform calculations

Industry Application

Industrial gas flow

Measurement of shielding gases

Measurement of airflow in painting robotics

Measurement of industrial gases such as CO2, air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium or argon



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