Hical can manufacture built-to-specifications brushless DC motors, brushless AC motors, torque motors, limited angle motors, stepper motors, linear force motors, and brushed DC motors. 

Product Specifications

Come in various types and specifications

Multiple applications

Output torque – Few mNm to 70 Nm

Motor speeds – Upto 12000 RPM

Power – Few mW to 20 KW

Size range – 25 mm to 250 mm diameter

Commutation methods – Hall sensors, encoders, resolvers

Special types – Coreless motors, fault tolerant designs

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Industry Application

Aircraft auxiliary and secondary flight controls

Thrust vector control in launch vehicles

Seats in economy and premium economy seats

Fuel injection in commercial aircrafts

Mechanisms for satellites, aircrafts and UAVs, ground vehicles

Actuation systems, seat actuation, fuel pump, antenna scanning and positioning


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