Simotion (Siemens)

Simotion is a proven high-end motion control system, capable of delivering optimal performance for all machine concepts with maximum modularity.

Product Specifications

Simotion Scout TIA (EasyProject project generator)

Software simulation (SIMOSIM)

Virtual Behavior Model (SIMIT)

3D Kinematics Model – MCD

Totally Integrated Automation Portal integration

Scaleable hardware

Flexible topologies

Wire size – For enameled Cu wire (0.5 mm to 3.5 mm); For enameled Al wire (1.5 mm to 4.25 mm)

Three different hardware platforms

Seven programming languages

High-performance hardware

Industry Application

Rotary knives operations

Eccentric sheers operations

Wire winding machines operations

Register control

Path planning

Dynamics optimization

Automatic synchronization to moving belts

Printing machine applications

Machine integration for OEM machine builders

Handling devices - motion control applications

Variants management



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