Wireless Energy Monitoring Solution (Gill Instruments)

Gill Instruments is striving to empower customers with important information about their energy consumption. Gill Sense Energy monitoring system can monitor various parameters like Load in KW (line Graph), Daily/weekly/Monthly/Yearly consumption in KWh (Bar graph), and more – anytime and from anywhere, via a mobile app. Data from the Gill Sense Edge Gateway is sent up to the AWS cloud, which has the ability to operate systems ranging from tens to tens of thousands of installations with the same near real-time performance.

Dashboard - True RMS 3 Phase Voltage / Current / Power Max. Demand, Power Factor

Alerts - Internet Status MODBUS Status Overload

Actionable - Insights Real Time Peak Load View Real Time 3 Phase Voltage Real Time 3 Phase Power

Real Time Graph - Instantaneous Power Consumption Total Power Bar Graph

Digital Diagnosis - Frontline Troubleshooting Long Term Analysis Energy Assessments

App Configurable - Overload/ Power Factor Threshold can be configured from the Gill Sense App

Body - Durable body (ABS Material) IP-67 Rated Gateway Size (mm): 65 x 65 x 25 Weight: 80 Gms

Operating Conditions - Operating Temp. : -40 - 85 °C Humidity: 0-95% Universal Auxiliary Supply 90-300V

Remote Control - User can Control the Load Remotely using Gill Sense App

Industry Application

High rise Building

IT Park







(Case study)

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