xPON Based Fiber Broadband Access (Tejas Networks)

Tejas Networks manufactures three types of xPON Based Fiber Broadband Access solutions – TJ1400 OLT, TJ1400 OLT Pizza box GPON OLT, and TJ2100 ONT.

Product Specifications

8 port GPON OLT/16 port GPON OLT variants (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Synchronization support (Only on TJ1400 16 port*) (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Management: CLI, NMS (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Supports upto 2048 terminal collections with 1:128 split (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Advanced 50ms network protection schemes (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Supports OMCI and TR-069 configuration of ONT (TJ400-1 Pizza box OLT)

Supports GPON, XGS-PON and Combo-PON (TJ1400 OLT)

Integrated with backhaul to reduce equipment footprint and reduce TCO (TJ1400 OLT)

Multi-technology support: PON, TDM, Ethernet, Wireless (TJ1400 OLT)

Support for resilient business and low bandwidth residential connectivity (TJ1400 OLT)

Third party ONT support to enable CSP's business requirements (TJ1400 OLT)

Fallback to LTE/3G through dongle (TJ2100 ONT)

Inter-operable with third party OLTs, NMS and Servers (TJ2100 ONT)

Wide range of residential, enterprise and industrial ONT (TJ2100 ONT)

USB ports for easy sharing (TJ2100 ONT)

Wi-Fi (802.11n), IEEE 802.11ac, SIP, Quad play (TJ2100 ONT)

Multiple Enternet and Voice ports; 8-POE (GE) ports for low latency video backhaul (TJ2100 ONT)

Beam forming and Band steering for superior Wi-Fi bandwidth utilization (TJ2100 ONT)

Easy setup using Tej Lockus App (TJ2100 ONT)

Industry Application

Rural broadband

Enterprise (including industrial)





(Case study)

Basic electrical system


Master switch


Bus bar


Monitoring Volts and Amps



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