Electronics city is proud to possess the cream of India’s aerospace & defence companies, catering to a range of requirements across the sector.

Major Products

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities



TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) warning panel (for AN-32 aircraft IAF)

Alerts aircraft to hazardous terrains so they can take evasive action to prevent collision with the terrain.

High Voltage Power Supply (for Indian Navy)

Provides high voltage power supply to on-board electric systems, while also enabling lower cable and converter weights.

Voice Warning System (for IAF)

Voice warning systems are usually employed in TAWS and TCAS (traffic collision avoidance systems). Consists of an attention-getting voice, followed by verbal instructions.

Auto Selector-4-way of CBLS Pod (IAF)

A fully solid-state version of relay-based OEM unit, to control the release of four bombs by firing ejector release unit.

Our Products

Circular connectors

Circular connectors are single-pin, multi-purpose electrical connectors with contacts to transmit power to electrical devices, electrical signals, or data.

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Hical can manufacture built-to-specifications brushless DC motors, brushless AC motors, torque motors, limited angle motors, stepper motors, linear force motors, and brushed DC motors.

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Aircraft electrical wire harness

An electrical wire harness is an assembly of electrical wires or cables which transmit electrical power or signals.

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Rocker Switches

Teknic Electromeconics manufactures a wide range of elegant and compact illuminated and non-illuminated rocker switches that can be used on panel outlets, for office automation and home appliances.

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Printed circuit boards

TESCOM can design, design, process, and fabricate all types of PCBs. All projects are handled by experienced engineers who use the latest software and chip fabricating machinery.

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Housing for Thermistors/Temp. Sensors

We manufacture thermistor parts such as aluminum caps, brass housing, stainless steel housing, stainless steel housing, etc.

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Aerospace Parts

We manufacture civil aircraft lighting parts, auxiliary power systems kit parts, aircraft cable connector housing parts, aircraft accessories parts, Boeing aircraft light cover & Airbus A320 door parts, and more.

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Precision deep drawn components

We design and manufacture precision deep-drawn components for automotive use, aided by our in-house tool room and expert engineering support.

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ELCIA member also provide many services to the aerospace and defense sector

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