Electronics City is one of the India’s best enclaves for electronics and electrical goods procurement. There are a number of companies here providing a wide range of electronics and electrical goods that you won’t find elsewhere in India.

Major Products

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities



Vision Measuring Systems

An award-winning vision measuring system (from Customised Technologies) with digital CMOS technology. This vision measuring system eliminates the need for many add-on accessories, making it more affordable and flexible.

GPIO modules for automation

Numato Systems has developed 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 channel GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output modules) for USB, Bluetooth, ethernet, WiFi, and Modbus. These modules can be configured as input or output. 

MODBUS Temperature Transmitter

Gill Sense Tube Temperature Transmitters are designed to tackle the hostile environments seen in industrial processes. This is made possible thanks to SS housing and reduced product dimensions. 

Electronic Frequency Synthesizer Unit

Radel has developed an Electronic Frequency Synthesizer Unit as a sub-assembly of a communication transceiver. This unit operates in the HF band and provides oscillator signals between 2-30 MHz. The unit uses state of the art DDS IC technology and is being used by the IAF. 

Our Products

Relays and relay boards

We manufacture various high-quality and performance-oriented industrial plug-in relays and solid-state relays, complemented by top-class digital input (DI) and digital output (DO) boards.

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xPON Based Fiber Broadband Access

Tejas Networks manufactures two types of xPON Based Fiber Broadband Access solutions – TJ1400 OLT and TJ2100 ONT.

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Differential amplifier

Differential amplifiers are used to amplify voltage differences between two inputs. We manufacture differential amplifiers capable of powering 4-20mA (two-wire loop) pressure sensors.

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Circular connectors

Circular connectors are single-pin, multi-purpose electrical connectors with contacts to transmit power to electrical devices, electrical signals, or data.

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