Infrastructure and Smart Cities

Electronics City has several companies capable of providing electronic and electrical infrastructure for a range of industries. If you looking for such equipment, you’ve come to the right place. 

Major Products

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities



MEMS based Level Sensor

Our members have developed sensors that can sense energy, flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, and even machine health conditions.

Analytics (Context aware calibrated solutions)

A patented analytics platform (context aware calibrated solution, called PAQS engine) that provides dynamic pollution monitoring in real-time.

Wearable device for personal environment

A setup consisting of a wearable device, a smart app, and cloud-based backend system that collects information on humidity, temperature, dust, weather, CO2 levels, and allergens, and delivers this info to your smart device.

IoT Enabled Gateway

An IoT Gateway that connects your sensors and systems located on buildings or factories, to the cloud. It is capable of taking decisions locally, acting swiftly for critical applications.

Our Products

Converged Packet Optical

Tejas Networks manufactures three types of Converged Packet Optical solutions – TJ1400, TJ1600, and TJ1270.

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Wireless DG Monitoring Solution

Our real-time DG monitoring & management system is designed to work continuously with any DG in remote sites to monitor and provide information on several KPIs. It recognizes anomalies and alerts the user with actionable insights into potential causes and recommendations on corrective action.

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NABL Cert. Env. Testing

We have achieved a NABL environmental testing certificate, so you can be sure that you are working in a world-class facility.

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Air/environmental solutions

Our air quality measurement system is designed to give accurate measurements of environmental pollution on a real-time basis.

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ELCIA member also provide many services to the aerospace and defense sector

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