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Access to the latest medical and health technology is one of the hallmarks of a growing economy. India is fortune to have some of the world’s best health and medical equipment/component manufacturers. Many of these companies are in Electronics City.

Major Products

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities



Smart Inhalers

A patented Smart Inhaler which connects to a patented (MyAir) app. This system protects your health by reminding you of the dosage of medicine you need to take, gives under-dosage alerts, and predicts hostile environments.

Stents, Catheters, PCNS, and more

Interventional medical devices such as stents, catheters, PCNs, and more. No more depending on imported equipment, making life-saving healthcare affordable to the masses.

MyAir App

A setup consisting of a wearable device, a smart app (MyAir App), and cloud-based backend system. This setup collects information on humidity, temperature, dust, weather, CO2 levels, and allergens, and delivers this info to your smart device.

Our Products

PAQS Smart Inhaler

PAQS Smart Inhaler is more than a inhaler. It is a game-changer for people suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma. Smart Inhaler can be used along with PAQS My Air app to remind patients of their medicine dosage and quantity. It alerts patients to hostile environments, and even sends alerts in case of under dosage.

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Medical Equipments Parts

Bhavani Industries manufactures medical equipments parts, parts for dental equipments, parts for medical applications, and more.

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Manufacturing Solutions

We specialize in manufacturing machine components requiring high precision. We also manufacture casting, sheet metal, plastic molding, and forgings. Our manufacturing portfolio includes part manufacturing, assembly & testing, and turnkey projects.

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Printed Circuit Boards

We manufacture, process, and single layer, double layer, multilayer, and metal-core grade PCBs of international quality with different finishings.

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If you have a product idea that you know will be high on the value chain and want to develop a prototype, ELCIA Cluster can help.

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Interventional medical devices

Devon Innovations designs, develops, and manufactures stents, flaps, catheters, sutures, guide wires, dilators, and more.

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ELCIA member also provide many services to the aerospace and defense sector

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